My Mission Is a Better Community

The Mission Is a Better Community and that comes with effort, love, respect and well, a great community.

We can make resources from other resources

UrbanAgTech Camps at Mezzacello In June

The Two-week full day UrbanAgTech Camps at Mezzacello In June supported by Ohio Farm Bureau and The PAST Foundation.

The Nesting Levels of Reality

The Summer of the Literary Liquors

During the COVID Spring and Summer of 2020 I experimented with fresh infusions of liquor called the “Literary Liquors”.

Literary Liquors in development
Literary Liquors in development

Robots, Chickens, and Ducks

A photo is from 2019, before I redesigned my coop system to sanitary specs. I should be in boots, The robots have always been here.

herding chickens and ducks

Reset The Bio Dome

The Bio dome project has failed. Too many variables to control and not enough hands on the job. Will reset and try again. Heat, Water, life.

Reset The Bio Dome

Life Finds a Way

Ducks are a mystery. Roo-Paul-Ster keeps eating duck eggs, so this hen found a run around, laying in the chick brooder. They need a nest box.

Life Finds a Way
A duck egg in the chick brooding tractor