Learning Lab

A Garden of People and Ideas

Mezzacello is an enclosed urban garden ecosystem. There are many gardens on the property. One of the most important is the gardens of people and ideas. What do I mean when I say a garden of people and ideas? Well,…

2022/2023 Internships
Volunteer Olivia helping to rabbit proof the urban garden beds.

Building Mezzacello In Stakes, Strings, and CAD

The behind the scenes story of how Mezzacello has evolved and the personalities that have enabled this growth.

Robots, Chickens, and Ducks

A photo is from 2019, before I redesigned my coop system to sanitary specs. I should be in boots, The robots have always been here.

herding chickens and ducks

Mezzacello: Home Is Where The Lab Is

My home and my non-profit Mezzacello are the same place. This is the future of food security, creating networked gardens.