Living Lives of Sterile Futility

Living Lives of Sterile Futility I started this blog post a few weeks back. I started it in anger and I realized as I was typing furiously into my iPhone amidst the ruins of my compost bins in the alley…

Why We Do Everything Ourselves

This is a blogpost that perfectly underscores our mission of Grow, Maintain, Sustain, Explain lives and breathes. Teach by showing.

Why We do everything ourselves

Being a Shiva Diva at Mezzacello

I post a lot on here about the urban ag technology and methods I employ at Mezzacello. The fact is, I just find it all so fascinating – and counter to everything our society expects. What can I say? I…

The Guest House

We are always aware of our intention, our effort, and our impact. Seven years in and we have learned to accept nature on her terms, and to remain grateful and open to the gifts and challenges of living as part of…

The beauty and chaos of change. It is predictable in large samples but without wisdom it is just ... well, chaos.