What’s in the Coffee Can?

The most difficult lesson to learn at Mezzacello has been that the systems IN the house are far less forgiving than the systems outside. Adjusting our worldview to “reduce waste” also requires that we DO SOMETHING with that waste. Coffee…

Lesson: Basic Sanitation 101

Sanitation is a critical skillset on an urban farm. This lesson introduces students to the basics of sanitation and pathology.

Lesson: Animal Evolution Body Puzzle

Lesson identifying different parts of three distinct species of animal and finding commonalities and needs among them.

Lesson: Animal Health and Safety Puzzle
Parts of the Chicken Species

Health and Wellness Through Sustainability

Part of a series of blogs on the 17 UN Sustainability goals in play at Mezzacello. This one is health and wellness.

Addressing Health and Wellness Through Sustainability
Chinese astronauts doing Tai Chi in Earth Orbit.

Lesson: Vital Signs and Ecologies

This lesson is an exploration of the way that ecosystems all work together and find life. Here we take their vital signs.

Lesson: Vital Signs and Ecologies