When An Urban Farm is More Urban

When the line between work and farming becomes most obvious is usually where those two worlds collide, like you see here.

Sometimes the Urban Part is more important than the Farming part.

New Mezzacello Portrait

This is the New Mezzacello Portrait. It was designed by our neighbor and talented friend, Gabriel Gatton. It may be my favorite thing ever! Read more!

Mezzacello Portrait by @ArtbyGeez Gabriel Gatton

Spring 2021 and the Brunerform

An update on the gardens this spring and a candid little confessional and observation on Spring, Beauty, Life, and Fashion.

Anatomy of The Brunerform

What does it take to be a 21st Century farmer, inventor, engineer, scientist, designer, and educator? The anatomy of the Brunerform.

A Cold Winter’s Day At Mezzacello

A glimpse of the interior of Mezzacello and the challenges of living in an older house that was originally a farmhouse.

A Winter’s Day At Mezzacello

Versailles at Mezzacello

A chance find of former Victoria’s Secret storage displays at H4H ReSTORE will soon become Vaersaille-style planters at Mezzacello.

becomes a planter box

Robots, Chickens, and Ducks

A photo is from 2019, before I redesigned my coop system to sanitary specs. I should be in boots, The robots have always been here.

herding chickens and ducks