I have consigned myself that I have built this pond on the site of an ancient Indian burial ground, and is cursed by malevolent spirits.

Adding a pond to the DMZ.

The Boy Scouts Were Right; Always Be Prepared

I found a duck on a clutch of eggs and rather than act right then to help, I did the wrong thing. Be a boy scout.

Watering an Urban Garden Efficiently

Living in the city means living in a heat bubble. Watering efficiently is a challenge. My solution to the problem.

Watering an Urban Garden Efficiently
View of the urban garden ecosystem from above

Sheds, Groundhogs, and the Opioid Epidemic

In 2017 a dear friend of mine donated an 8’ x 10’ x 12’ (2.44m x 3.04m x 3.66m) shed that was on a property he was looking to sell. So I hired a group of workers that I saw…

Our donated shed built by a workman we came to call the groundhog.

Raccooning On An Urban Farm

Contrary to what Urban Dictionary thinks, raccooning is the fastest way to failure on an urban farm.

My Mission Is a Better Community

The Mission Is a Better Community and that comes with effort, love, respect and well, a great community.

Carbon Sequestration, Compost and Urban Farming
We can make resources from other resources

The Role of Failure in Learning

Failure is just as important as success – sometimes more so! Reframe what failure should be.

When hard work goes bad

Reset The Bio Dome

The Bio dome project has failed. Too many variables to control and not enough hands on the job. Will reset and try again. Heat, Water, life.

Reset The Bio Dome