Mezzacello and the Urban Ag Tech Camps

In the summer of 2021 Mezzacello was a fantastic series of summer camps designed to expose students to diverse careers in ag.

Lesson: Data 101

UrbanAgTech Camps at Mezzacello In July

The Two-week full day UrbanAgTech Camps at Mezzacello In July supported by Ohio Farm Bureau and The PAST Foundation.

Reframing of Farming From The Bottom Up

The Inverted Resource Pyramid and the future of food and life in general. We need to start from the bottom up.

The resource pyramid for sustainability
The Inverted Resource Pyramid

Versailles at Mezzacello

A chance find of former Victoria’s Secret storage displays at H4H ReSTORE will soon become Vaersaille-style planters at Mezzacello.

becomes a planter box

Mezzacello: Home Is Where The Lab Is

My home and my non-profit Mezzacello are the same place. This is the future of food security, creating networked gardens.