The City/Farm Garden

The Systems Approach to life expects one to look at pattern, process, and structure. That’s what we have done here at Mezzacello.

The Ghost Foundations of Mezzacello

Being a Shiva Diva at Mezzacello

I post a lot on here about the urban ag technology and methods I employ at Mezzacello. The fact is, I just find it all so fascinating – and counter to everything our society expects. What can I say? I…

Preservation, Seed Vegetables, and Recycling

I am continuing the midsummer harvest from the soil-free lasagna garden beds. Today it was another bushel of red potatoes, a bushel of shallots, and a bushel of red onions. I gathered them all in inexpensive laundry baskets lined with…

Preparing redskin potatoes, planted in March for storage. And shallots from a 14th Century French heirloom seed. Ooh La La!

The Foodist: Pork Raclette with Brie and Applesauce

Dinner tonight at Mezzacello is a recipe taught to me during my visit to Normandy, France in 1992. So simple and delightful. I serve it with fresh haricots vert and roasted potatoes. Ingredients: 4 pork chops (bone in or butterflied)…

The Foodist: Pork Raclette with Brie and Applesauce
Pork raclette with applesauce and Brie.