How We Discovered Mezzacello

The Origin Story of Mezzacello as told by Rick. Who would buy a property in the city and then adapt it completely to another use?

The original empty lot from the alley

Why is it Called “Mezzacello”?

Rick and I had been searching for a house in Old Towne East (a downtown residential neighborhood in Columbus, OH) for a few years. We talked about what we wanted to do with a house, and what it would be…

Beginning to Start to Commence

What do you do with two vacant lots a low budget, and big dreams. You build and plan! Oh and rebuild the house as well.

A Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem

A big hole, bigger dreams, some resources, disasters, and a summer later, we have a pond. And there were ducks.

A Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem

Compost, Soil Enrichment, and Garden Infrastructure

In place composting like you see in nature on the forest floor. A lasagna garden. That is this lesson.

Compost, Soil Enrichment, and Garden Infrastructure
final layer of soil and nutrients

Hugelkultur at Mezzacello

German for Hill Culture, this ancient form of permaculture transforms lifeless, heavy clay dirt into a forest floor and captures CO2.


I have consigned myself that I have built this pond on the site of an ancient Indian burial ground, and is cursed by malevolent spirits.

Adding a pond to the DMZ.

Musings on Energy

The blog post where I muse on the intersection between, life, art, physics and metaphysics. A little Rock and Roll, Voltaire, and Newton, with some Clerk Maxwell!

Musings on energy
Leaf Shredder and Dry Leaves