Springtime, Chicks and the Truth About Ducks

Choose wisely when you are adding animals. to an urban farm. You need to know the pros and cons up front!

Springtime, Chicks and the Truth About Ducks
Saxony Ducks

The Boy Scouts Were Right; Always Be Prepared

I found a duck on a clutch of eggs and rather than act right then to help, I did the wrong thing. Be a boy scout.

Shenaniducks! Those Ducks Are At It Again!

It takes one duck to override a safety mechanism on a robotic coop door. Never underestimate a duck an it’s love of chaos.

Chicken TV, Coop Tech, and Safety

Poultry monitoring using remote cameras and advanced tracking software and sensors. You know a futuristic chicken coop

Robots, Chickens, and Ducks

A photo is from 2019, before I redesigned my coop system to sanitary specs. I should be in boots, The robots have always been here.

herding chickens and ducks

Life Finds a Way

Ducks are a mystery. Roo-Paul-Ster keeps eating duck eggs, so this hen found a run around, laying in the chick brooder. They need a nest box.

Life Finds a Way
A duck egg in the chick brooding tractor

Tour of The Livestock Sheds

Welcome to the tour of the livestock shed at Mezzacello. We raise a variety of livestock and insects that are integral to the health of Mezzacello.

Tour of The Livestock Sheds