climate reality

Hugelkultur at Mezzacello

German for Hill Culture, this ancient form of permaculture transforms lifeless, heavy clay dirt into a forest floor and captures CO2.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

As part of my continuing series of blogs about water as a resource, this blog discusses sublimation and vapor.

Climate Reality and Climate Action

Volunteering with Green Columbus to distribute free trees, offset Climate Reality: Future50 PAST, & Mezzacello’s mission.

doing the work with your neighbors

Practical Carbon Sequestration

Gardening is a great way to set carbon back into the earth. This is especially true if you are committed to compost.

Climate Reality and Sustainability

Part of a blog series at Mezzacello on the UN 17 SDG. This one covers what we can do in terms of Climate Action and reality.

Spring is Sprung: It’s a Trap!

A quick fun May The Fourth Blogpost about Ohio’s quirky weather patterns so far this month.