Build Biomass To Make the Soil Black

When Fall arrives, we turn the beauty of Mezzacello back into Compost using robots, hardwork, and the goodwill of our neighbors.

Ohio Farm Bureau 2021 Annual Report

Mezzacello was mentioned in the Ohio Farm Bureau 2021 Annual Report. I am pretty proud of that and the work we did together last year.

Ohio Farm Bureau 2021 Annual Report

Eden’s Ghost Application

The origin and use of Eden’s Ghost and how I developed it with the bioreactor. This post includes directions for use and instructions.

Bioreactor processing

Cardboard Journey Into Green

What do you do with all the cardboard one collects? Treat non-waxed boxes with DE, let it sit in the sun and rain and then mow it.

Cardboard from Costco and Amazon

Global Innovation Field Trip and the Bioreactor

A presentation about the design cycle and how I used it to move Mezzacello from simple to complex systems.

The Design Cycle

Power Heat and Water Even in the Winter

Even in the dead of winter at -20C the systems at Mezzacello work great! I am pretty pleased with this update.

Lesson: Rotary Motion and Electromagnets

Curbing Hunger Through Sustainability

Part of a series of blogs addressing how Mezzacello meets the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This one is zero hunger.