Pretty versus Plentiful with Ducks and Chickens

The poultry need to be isolated with new plant growth. It’s time to sequester the chickens and ducks.

Chickens at Mezzacello chilling out and turning the compost piles.

Lesson: Building a Mobile BioLab

Proper care and exams of the animals is a necessity, but with a camp of kids, the vet counter in the coops is not enough.

Lesson: Animal Holding Area

Students must quickly brainstorm and collaborate to determine the best system to build that will safely house and secure animals.

Lesson: Potash – Alchemy or Chemistry

When you think about ash, do you see destruction or creation? In reality you should see both. This is also a great blog.

Lesson: Understanding Soil and Dirt

This lesson discusses the difference between dirt as a matrix of minerals and media, and soil, which is dirt infused with organic life.

Materials for Martian Beds to be delivered to PAST Foundation. Everything was controlled very closely.

Lesson: Magnetism 101

Students will learn the mystery of magnetism. From the quantum to the electro-mechanical students will explore all types of magnets.

Lesson: Engineering the Perfect Container

This lesson sees the egg in better detail from anatomy, to biophysics, to evolution, to tool, food, weapon, and life.

Lesson: Nested Levels of Reality

Reality is a web of details, structures, and dependent systems. organism to the quantum realm, this lesson explores it all.

Lesson: Nested Levels of Reality
The Nested Levels of reality.