Pretty versus Plentiful with Ducks and Chickens

The poultry need to be isolated with new plant growth. It’s time to sequester the chickens and ducks.

Chickens at Mezzacello chilling out and turning the compost piles.

Lesson: Magnetism 101

Students will learn the mystery of magnetism. From the quantum to the electro-mechanical students will explore all types of magnets.

Lesson: Nested Levels of Reality

Reality is a web of details, structures, and dependent systems. organism to the quantum realm, this lesson explores it all.

Workshop: Quantum Effects In Nature
The Nested Levels of reality.

Lesson: Animal Evolution Body Puzzle

Lesson identifying different parts of three distinct species of animal and finding commonalities and needs among them.

Lesson: Animal Health and Safety Puzzle
Parts of the Chicken Species

Lesson: Lasagna Garden Basics

Students will explore compost and growing systems from a biological and chemical basis to understand life systems through a model.

Recycling grass, leaves, manure, food compost, and peat moss used to store root vegetables back into the no-dirt lasagna garden beds.

Lesson: Animal Babies and Health

Students will learn the basics of vet tech, like treating wounds, medicated feed, and identifying illness in small animals.

Lesson: Creating Perfect Fertlizer

Students will explore the molecular nature of fertilizer and its relationship to NHCOPS, the water cycle and the sun.

Lesson: Micro Hydroponics Systems

Students will repurpose takeout container to start growing seedlings in a small hydroponic container with a heat map to promote germination and growth,

Fall Spa Day For The Ducks on the Farm

The ducks enjoying a spa day on the engineered pond that works to keep the ducks healthy and alive.

The Long Tail of Life

When a bowl of eggs are more than a bowl of eggs! Automated robotic coops and the long tail of life. The future of food.