BioDome 2 Power Systems Integration

A quick update on the Biodome 2.0 at Mezzacello. We are getting ready to integrate power and water reclamation.

My Podcast with The Innovation World Young Collaborators

My first podcast with the Innovation World Young Innovators Collaboration about #projectMartian

Let’s Start a Farm On Mars

In this blogpost I explore all the pieces that I have developed to pursue my dream farm on Mars. power, water, nutrients, and food.

Time To Upgrade The BioDome Again

It’s year three for the biodome and I am innovating the design by integrating an outdoor classroom and the dome structure.

BioDome Automated Systems 2023

This is the blogpost that touches on the ecology and technology in the biodome for 2023.

BioDome Curriculum Design

After building and testing the BioDome at Mezzacello Urban Farm I needed to know how difficult it was to build a real model!