Lesson: NHCOPS and the Ladder of Life

Students will become familiar with both the periodic table of the elements, periodicity, and the DNA composition of life.

Periodic table of life
We most definitely recycle atoms and molecules!

Lesson: Food From Waste and Ash

Students will learn to make soap from waste products and ash as well as fire starter kits from lint, wax and soap.

Lesson: Food from waste and ash

Lesson: Creating Perfect Fertlizer

Students will explore the molecular nature of fertilizer and its relationship to NHCOPS, the water cycle and the sun.

Lesson: Micro Hydroponics Systems

Students will repurpose takeout container to start growing seedlings in a small hydroponic container with a heat map to promote germination and growth,

Lesson: Solar Water Purifier

This is a fun way to better understand the water cycle AND learn how nature purifies water in the atmosphere. This is energy too.

Lesson: Solar Water Purifier

Lesson: The Circle Of Life

A core lesson on the way nature uses simple ideas, deep math, and repeating patterns to create life. We explore these patterns.

Lesson: Understanding pH

In this lesson we explore the pH scale to understand the basic chemistry of life in terms of acids and bases. Water is neutral.

Design Challenge: Build a Stomach

In this Design Challenge we will explore how living animals digest food and create energy and wastes by creating a stomach.

BioChemistry Lesson Plans

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