being grateful

Why is it Called “Mezzacello”?

Rick and I had been searching for a house in Old Towne East (a downtown residential neighborhood in Columbus, OH) for a few years. We talked about what we wanted to do with a house, and what it would be…

Why “Poor Boys Have Poor Ways”?

This was our original inspiration for starting Mezzacello. We had vision, but no funds. Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson

Why "Poor Boys Have Poor Ways"?

Beginning to Start to Commence

What do you do with two vacant lots a low budget, and big dreams. You build and plan! Oh and rebuild the house as well.

Hugelkultur at Mezzacello

German for Hill Culture, this ancient form of permaculture transforms lifeless, heavy clay dirt into a forest floor and captures CO2.

Fear, Necessity, Economics and the Future

Hence Mezzacello Exists. This is a reflection on the past, the present, and the future.

Fear, Necessity, Economics, Reason, and the Future
Food from PAST Foundation collected intentionally for the chickens so it doesn't go to waste.

Living From a Place Of Gratitude

Living the life of an Urban Farmer in the 21st Century and having a full time job is stressful. You work at a full time job during the day, and then manage a household, a full house remodel, a farm,…

When You Have Love That Dovetails

Rick and I are an ecosystem, a system, a partnership. We need each other, we love each other, we improve and strengthen each other. We are also two independent people with enough foresight, history, wisdom, and vision to know that…

2019 Columbus Gay Pride Parade.

When Mezzacello Was New, Father’s Day, and Good Food

In 1871 people, when Mezzacello was new, families, children, and probably servants spent their days very differently. On a rainy day, me and my favorite dad, Rick made a visit to The Columbus Museum of Art to see the Dutch…

An antique high chair for a baby on exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art.