New Mezzacello Portrait

This is the New Mezzacello Portrait. It was designed by our neighbor and talented friend, Gabriel Gatton. It may be my favorite thing ever! Read more!

Mezzacello Portrait by @ArtbyGeez Gabriel Gatton

Lesson: Creating an Ecosystem

Students will create a map or maquette of the ecosystems of Mezzacello and determine using science and data if it is an ecosystem.

Lesson: Nested Levels of Reality

Reality is a web of details, structures, and dependent systems. organism to the quantum realm, this lesson explores it all.

Workshop: Quantum Effects In Nature
The Nested Levels of reality.

Mentorship Is It’s Own Reward

This was a surprise “Thank You” you from my delightful mentee, Audrey. It came at the right time and it reminds me that giving is getting.

The Moon and Other Garden Jewels

After a review of the grounds at Mezzacello, the moon showed me some issues I was unaware of as being real pressing issues.