1985 Called, They’d Like Their Garbage Disposal Back

Today the garbage disposal died. Not a quiet death but a torturous, loud, wet, sloppy, disgusting death. We discovered there was a problem we were doing dishes and we suddenly realized that we were standing in water down turn off…

Fragile Food Systems

This is a photo that will one day be iconic. It carries all the hallmarks of a transitory period in history. Climate change is presenting multiple challenges to farmers across the world. In North America take your pick; wildfires, drought,…

Floods destroying food and farms

Some of my Dreams are Squashed

In my ongoing effort to preserve as much food as possible I’ve had to experiment with alternative ways of storing food. I’ve done a lot of research and consulting a lot of desperate agricultural exports.  From extension offices to Amish…

Yellow and Green Squash Stored in a Basket Wrapped Tightly In Paper in a Dark Cellar.

Crickets In Glass Houses

I have been experimenting with new systems of protein synthesis and nutrition at Mezzacello. I started out with meal worms and beetles. Meal worms were high in quality protein, but they required just right difficult conditions and moisture. Additionally they…

Chickens exploring the new terrarium abode of the crickets.

Bats, Mice, And Rabbits The Rodents of Mezzacello

There is a bat in my house. I am certain there are many bats around my house, but this one is cold and weak and living in the pail that I use to haul water out to the chickens. Really…

I found this poor stranded mouse with wings in my empty compost pail this morning.

Things Break, And You Must Replace Them

Living on an urban farm you learn three things real quick: If it can go wrong it will so have a backup plan The sun and the winter corrodes everything Things are not as important as ideas I was out…

Example of the IBC spigot
My wildly useful 1000L IBC rain barrel nozzle snapped.

You Shall Not Pass: Keep the Gates Closed

The livestock yard or chicken yard is an important ecosystem at Mezzacello. It’s also full of danger. The droppings, the duck water, the occasional mouse. It is a special environment and one I do not want to expand. I am…

Design Challenge: Build a Gate
Sign that reads: Keep Gate Closed. No matter what the chickens say.

Applied STEM, Not a Meth House

When I tried to bronze chain in oil in our oven and discovered Applied STEM, not a meth house.

Rick comes upon my Applied STEM wonderland.