Why Communication is Key on an Urban Farm

That one time when I took the animals to an evening event, but did not tell Rick. Poor Rick searched all night.

Why Communication is Key on an Urban Farm

Animal Harvest Day at Mezzacello

This one is a bit grim, but super important if you want animals in your ecosystem and not just pets. Everything matters.

Lesson: Building a Mobile BioLab

Proper care and exams of the animals is a necessity, but with a camp of kids, the vet counter in the coops is not enough.

Lesson: Animal Holding Area

Students must quickly brainstorm and collaborate to determine the best system to build that will safely house and secure animals.

Lesson: Animal Evolution Body Puzzle

Lesson identifying different parts of three distinct species of animal and finding commonalities and needs among them.

Lesson: Animal Health and Safety Puzzle
Parts of the Chicken Species

Lesson: Animal Babies and Health

Students will learn the basics of vet tech, like treating wounds, medicated feed, and identifying illness in small animals.

Lesson: Food From Waste and Ash

Students will learn to make soap from waste products and ash as well as fire starter kits from lint, wax and soap.

Lesson: Food from waste and ash

Fall Spa Day For The Ducks on the Farm

The ducks enjoying a spa day on the engineered pond that works to keep the ducks healthy and alive.