Expanding the Growing Area of Mezzacello 2023

This is a post detailing the construction of 16 new raised bads at Mezzacello and I how I did it and why!

Creating Unique Fertilizers From Scratch

This is an introduction to the various types and styles of fertilizers and compost that are created at Mezzacello.

Sustainability and Renewables on an Urban Technology Farm

I presented to the Global Innovation Field Trip this Saturday, 7/22/2023. I created a new equation.

How Much Energy Do We Need?

In this blogpost we explore how much energy is needed by the world today. The Corridor Crew did a great job with this!

The Amended Law of Sustainability

This is the equation of sustainability I use at Mezzacello. For every 3 inputs, expect 8 outputs. Balance that over Phi.

Carbon Sequestration? Plant The Future and Compost It

After reading about the Biden plan to spend $1.2B on carbon sequestration, I decided to talk about compost.

Heat, Water, and Built In Systems at Mezzacello

I decided to cover how I teach summer camps around water management, recycling, and purification.

BioEngineering Summer Camp 2023 Guest Blogs

These are two guest blogs written by middle school brothers for my last bioengineering summer camp. Their drawings!

The Renewable Power of Belief

This is a blog post about the Renewable Power of Belief. Empowering kids to have a belief and then guiding them to the solution.

From Data to Compost to Life

We take data very seriously at Mezzacello. This is a blog post about how surveys become part of the compost. This paper contains accelerant.