STEM of Tai Chi Yang 24 Short Form


Yang Short Form 24 Form Tai Chi Right and Left Form

  1. Commencing
  2. Part the Wild Horse’s Mane (3x)
    1. Hold the Moon left
    2. Hold the Moon right
    3. Hold the Moon Half step (Guitar – transition)
  3. White Crane Spreads Its Wings and Cools Its Wings
    1. Spread wings
    2. Cool wings
    3. Brush Knee (3x)
      1. Brush Knee and Step Forward
      2. Brush Knee and Twist Step
  4. Playing the Lute/Guitar
  5. Reverse Reeling – Repulse Monkey LEFT and RIGHT (4x)
    1. Ends with Guitar – transition)
  6. Left Grasp Sparrow’s Tail
    1. Ward Off (grab tail feather)
    2. Apparent Close Up
    3. Press arm
    4. Push arm
    5. Rotate
  7. Right Grasp Sparrow’s Tail
    1. Ward Off (grab tail feather)
    2. Apparent Close Up
    3. Press arm
    4. Push arm
  8. Double Pulling
  9. Single Whip/Set the Trap
  10. Wave Hands Like Clouds (4x)
    1. Left Right Open Close Step
    2. Ends with Single Whip/Set the Trap
  11. High Pat on Horse
    1. Step Out
    2. Heel Kick
    3. Strike to Ears with Both Fists
    4. Step Down
    5. Turn Body and step
  12. Left Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
  13. Single Whip Squatting Down, Snake Creeps Down
  14. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg, Golden Bird Standing Alone
  15. Right Lower Body and Stand on One Leg
  16. Shuttle Back and Forth RIGHT and LEFT
    1. Step Across
    2. Lean in with Push
    3. Step to side
    4. Lean in with Push
    5. Play the Guitar (transition)
  17. Needle at Sea Bottom (Searching for needle at the Bottom of the sea)
    1. Set the level hand
    2. Reach down at opposing toe
  18. Fan Through Back
  19. Deflect/Block
  20. Punch
  21. Parry
  22. Appears Closed/Surrender
  23. Carries Tiger to the Mountain
  24. Closing

Some notes on the algorithms, structure, intention and rhythm of Tai Chi

Tai Chi Yang Form is a symmetrical and algorithmic strategy for moving the body smoothly through space.

Novice learners have a great deal of difficulty remembering the form. There is no way around this but to remember the order.

Novice learners also fail to acknowledge early on that Tai Chi is highly repetitive and many of the forms are actually modified styles of other forms. Some prime examples of this are:

  • Play the lute
    • This is used 5 times throughout the form
  • White Crane Spreads its wings
    • This appears 5 times throughout the form
  • Hold the moon
    • This and it’s modified form appear 6 times through the form
    • Hold the moon, Single whip, Wave hands like clouds, High pat on horse, Golden rooster, and block punch parry are all versions of this.
  • Single whip
    • Single whip or set the trap appears 3 times throughout the form

It will be useful if you watch the video and practice the form and see the relationships between the forms.

Lastly a word on breath and rhythm. Tai chi is meant to run at a slow and rhythmic pace. Up and down the water flows, the breath flows, the chi grows. It will be hard to feel the peace of Tai Chi until your mind and body have mastered the form. It has been my goal to make this as easy as possible for you.

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