Spring is Sprung: It’s a Trap!

Written by Cora Riley and Jim Bruner, ages 10 and very old

This blog post is inspired by a post one of my interns made today regarding data collection, data models, weather, and it the area we live in. It’s “spring” and the weather keeps dropping to 3C. I bought flowers, but spring is sprung: it’s a trap!

We want to feature a lot of flowers in the gardens this year. So we bought a lot of flowers. Then, spring decided that it was going to be ridiculous.

Our Trusty Biodome

I’ve written about the biodome before. We are still relying on this to save our rebel forces from the power of the dark side of spring. We will persevere!

Hopefully by May 20th our weather in Columbus will have stabilized and then we can get other chores done. we still have to mow the grass, trim edges, and set out the flowers. luckily we avoided this trap this time!

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