Everyone knows we started an urban farm on an inner city plot of land. What they might not realize is that we really did start from scratch. It’s the sixth anniversary of our first spring at Mezzacello. It’s also the sixth anniversary of my learning every agriculture skill I have learned. From trial and error, best guesses (so many wrong guesses), interviews with farmers, secular and Amish, county extension managers, and lots and lots of YouTube videos. Here is a little visual journey of my #SkillsReset from Programmer, Designer, and Project Manager to Urban Farmer.

[/media-credit] My first chicken coop and mobile tractor.
[/media-credit] The first of the potager gardens. Look at all that rubble we took out of the ground.
[/media-credit] Back when my service yard was not a factory.
[/media-credit] Taking a much needed break after a meal. I miss Kitty Friend.
[/media-credit] My garage workshop – how very suburban.
[/media-credit] My first ever egg! There’s a blog post on this alone!
[/media-credit] The first of the modified dinosaurs at Mezzacello.
[/media-credit] I am TOTALLY in OSHA compliance here…

Well, Happy spring 2020! #COVID19 sucks, but I have a farm to run and food to plant, raise and harvest. Share some of your favorite homestead photos with me! Or follow along on my journey and start your own urban garden! If you’re allergic to hard work, failure, or adventure, well you’re out of luck. But if not… Then adventure and life awaits!


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