Shenaniducks! Those Ducks Are At It Again!

Well, these ducks are at it again! Rick has taken to calling them Shenaniducks and I have to agree. Shenaniducks! Those Ducks Are At It Again! They aren’t mean; the ducks are just multiverse LOKI that happen to live on my farm.

Sometimes sneak out of the run. Or they make a mess of the water bowls. Recently the have learned to teach the chickens how to escape the run. When they get into the pond and wreck havoc. It’s fun to watch, but for a day after the pond is a mess. But tonight might be the most spectacular of their snubs to the alpha human.

Ducks vs Robots

Tonight I was sitting in the house at #FakeMidnight (AKA 7:30 EST in winter) and I thought, what are those ducks up to? I went out to the livestock shed to check on them (and the chicks, and the rabbits, and the chickens). A good farmer has maternal instincts.

When I got out to the coop and the run the first thing I noticed was the loud quacking. That was the first sign of trouble. I didn’t have a flashlight on me, so upon a cursory search of the run and not seeing movement, I went inside the coop to turn the livestock shed lights on.

The chicks were fine in their heat lamp and coop partition. The rabbits were fine in their pens. All of the chickens where safe and roosting on the raised roosts and nesting boxes. But the ducks. Well, they were all on the floor. In fact the male Rouen decided the perfect spot for him was with his tail feathers hanging out the door. This bold act blocked the safety circuit on the robotic door that keeps the door from slowly closing on an animal. So I yelled, “get your but out of the door. And the circuit completed.

Apparently I need a door that just drops like drawbridge gate in a castle. Now I have to design something else to keep these animals safe. Anyone have any ideas?

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