Slowly over the last 18 months I have been implementing the upgrades to my urban farm animal yards that were suggested by the Columbus Health Department. I have a higher standard to uphold as I am applying for a permitting for tours. But this is to protect me as well.

  • A durable yard surface that can be be washed and sterilized
  • Clean and easy to turn and replace mulch to minimize mud and muck
  • A clean and sanitary base for the chicken run and duck coop
  • A sanitary drain and leach pit
  • Hen yard confinement gates
  • Animal isolation facilities
  • Hygienic feed and water stations
  • Hygienic and secured feed storage systems
  • Access to running water
  • Hand and shoe wash and sanitation stations

The last fundamental element will be the French drain that will be installed beneath the rubber mattes and will drain into the leach pit on the western edge of the hen yard. Then I will have the roofs redone and solar panels installed and the entire hen yard and rabbit warren will be self-sufficient

[/media-credit] Bright and open chicken coop. That’s a vodka tonic on the roosting bar there.
[/media-credit] The chicken and duck coops facing west. Mama duck was very upset with me today.
[/media-credit] The freshly rinsed rubber mattes. Those four trashcans are FULL of waste.

You can see the drain heads in the photo above for the French drain system this weekend.

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