Reset The Bio Dome

The first data is in: I must reset the bio dome. My intern and I tried, but we could not control for all the variables (and there are many), nor did we have time together enough to explore them. Now they must travel to India for the summer, so I am going to restart.

I am not surprised, just that it collapsed so soon. It was a death trap in its original format. It is May 21st and already there were 12 days where systems collapsed due to temps above 40C.

Time To Reflect

Time to reflect (in more ways than one). What failed, why? How? The big one was a lack of shade. The other was a lack of cool water (see shade).

This needs to be an oasis, not just a machine. So I will take a moment and re-engineer this concept and try again. I can do this, I just needed to know how naive I was the first time.

Stay tuned.

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