Project Renewables Arts and Craft

Project Renewables Arts and Craft
A View of the solar arrays from atop the trash bin behind Mezzacello.

This is the project renewables arts and crafts topics we will be exploring in this summer camp. Crafts are subject to change.

  1. Make a pile battery
    • Make a battery of copper and zinc with a grapefruit electrolyte and potato capacitor.
  2. Make magnetic sand
    • Make sand with iron and ceramic, and using a powerful electromagnet to create magnetic sand.
  3. Make a copper spiderweb
    • Make a web with copper wire and a four dowels. Weave a web that will transmit a current from a battery to an LED light.
  4. Weave insulating rubber cover
    • Make an insulator with heat shrink hollow rubber string, cover copper wires and create an insulated wire that will transmit a 9-volt current.
  5. Make grounding rod art
    • Make a sculpture out of hollow copper tubing and wire, that will also serve as a grounding rod.
  6. Make a compass
    • Make a compass out of a tin jar with a tight plastic lid. Fill with alcohol with a magnetized iron brad on a floating cork.
  7. Make iron filings from dirt
    • Make an iron sieve for dry dirt and a powerful electromagnet. Create art on a paper plate.
  8. Make a bus fuze art pendant
    • Make a fuze from LEGOs and copper wire and hot glue.
  9. Make a spinning top generator
    • Make a magnetic base and a steel top that can power the oscillating top.
  10. Make a 9-volt horn
    • Make a horn from a 3D Printed horn and a 9-volt battery created with two AAA batteries and a copper connector.
  11. Make a 6-volt flashlight
    • Make a 6-volt battery with four D-Cell batteries and a copper and zinc connector. Attach the “battery” to an DC LED lamp.
  12. Make an ionizing water well
    • Make a 1 Quart jar water well with marbles and ball bearings that have been sterilized in alcohol. Set the jar on a speaker and fill with water to create sonic pulses that will pull heavy impurities to the bottom.
  13. Make a 6-volt telegraph
    • Make 2 6-volt battery with four D-Cell batteries and connect them with a metal switch and bit of wire. Send messages from one telegraph to another.
  14. Make a simple motor
    • Make a motor by rewiring a motor armature and attaching it to a 12-volt battery to induce an induction current.
  15. Make a decorative fan
    • Make a Savonius wind turbine that will spin with a persistent image that must be created.
  16. Make a cinema reel
    • Make a comic strip that will be applied to a spinning wheel. While the wheel spins a persistent image will appear.
  17. Make a motorized spin art
    • Make a spinning disk and spin it up, powered by a six-volt battery. Apply paints and dyes to create art as the disk spins.
  18. Make a dimmer switch
    • Make a variable voltage switch that will reduce current in measured amounts. Use the dimmer to send messages as morse or binary code.

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