Project BioEngineering Arts and Crafts

Project BioEngineering Arts and Crafts
Exploring crystals with found objects.

These are some of the proposed Project BioEngineering Arts and Crafts projects for the 2023 Summer Camps. Some projects are subject to change.

  1. Make foil, copper, and vinyl mazes
    • a simple maze made out the camper’s name that lights up with a circuit and a small battery.
  2. Make a grass weaving tool
    • A simple loom made of popsicle sticks and a simple weft and shuttle system for weaving fabric.
  3. Make a rabbit maze
    • Using milk crates and hoops build a rabbit maze that will keep rabbits engaged and searching for a carrot.
  4. Make chicken washing soap
    • Make soap in a bag made of woven pieces to better wash chickens and rabbits. Welding with thread.
  5. Make a LEGO mold
    • Using a large lego mold, create plaster bricks that can be used to make a foundation. An alternate will be a sugar, salt, and fat mold with seeds to feed birds.
  6. Make a 3D printed pinecone bird feeder
    • Using 3D printed pine cones, lotus cages, and magnolia seeds to create peanut butter and seed feeders.
  7. Make a chicken swing
    • Make a simple swing from rope or rubber twine and a stick to allow chickens to swing.
  8. Make a chicken tractor
  9. Make a 3D Paper Mache treasure map
    • Make a flat topographic map of Mezzacello and take turns hiding a treasure. Then create fun clues that can be integrated into the map.
  10. Make a sugar window charm
    • Make an isomalt or sugar window charm with popsicle sticks, or pipecleaners that is rigid enough to stand on its own.
  11. Make glass bees
    • Make a bee from glass stones, onion skins, twigs, and hot glue that will stand on its own.
  12. Make a woven bird house
    • Make a bird house from a 3D printed base shape that is decorated with objects and pieces that birds can actually use to build a house.
  13. Make a biodynamic keychain
    • Make a dynamic tensor shape with dowel rods, play dough, and rubber bands.
  14. Make a fingerprint art charm
    • Make a clean finger print that can be projected to twice its size and retraced into a piece of art.
  15. Make seed bombs
    • Make flour, water, and salt play dough embedded with wildflower seeds inside.
  16. Make Hoberman fences
    • Make a dynamic expanding fence with popsicle sticks and brass brads that will stretch across a space and remain stable.
  17. Make a model seed
    • Make a seed model from felt, foam, paper, and confetti.
  18. Make ultrasonic sand art
    • Using an ultrasonic plate with a paper plate attached, add sand and attenuate the ultrasonic frequency to make a geometry. Then spray the sand into a locked position.

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