Project BioChemical Arts and Crafts

Project Renewables Arts and Crafts
Sweet potatoes ready for harvest

This is my project BioChemical arts and crafts summer camp. Some projects are subject to change.

Project BioChemical Arts and Crafts.

  1. Make a solar flower
    • Make portraits of flowers with light responsive paper and sunlight.
  2. Make a leaf paper origami
    • Make paper from pressed flowers and leaves that have been dried. Treat dried leaves and flowers with alcohol and press into paper. Make an origami shape.
  3. Make a cricket condominium
    • Make a small colony of crickets with a tin box, sponge, egg carton, and feed. Decorate the condo.
  4. Make an herb wreath
    • Make a small wreath with grapevine and twine. Decorate the wreath with fresh herbs to dry them in the sun.
  5. Make a natural plant dye
    • Make a natural plant dye with various fruits and plants that transfer color. Use salts to set the color as a natural liquid pigment.
  6. Make a bamboo kaleidoscope
    • Make a cut bamboo kaleidoscope with a prism and a glass lens. Decorate the color wheel with natural dyes and melted wax crayons.
  7. Make a plant-dyed t-shirt
    • Make simple tie-dyed tshirts with the pigments created as a craft. Set the color with salts and allow to dry.
  8. Make fertilizer kits
    • Make small bags of fertilizer sealed with heated wire closures. Add a straw and stopper then heat shrink the straw to the plastic.
  9. Make a one quart fertilizer kits
    • Make a mixture of fertilizer. Fill the fertilizer kits with your fertilizer.
  10. Make a 1 Qt water purifier
    • Make a water purifier with a 1 quart mason jar. Add filtering material and a funnel made of plastic.
  11. Make paper mache nesting dolls
    • Make a nested doll mold. Create hollow nesting dolls that will fit into each other. Decorate them.
  12. Make an ecosystem poem
    • Make 14 magnetic words about ecosystems. Create poems and haikus with them by matching them with madlibs.
  13. Make fertilizer how-to cards
    • Make cards with Lewis Diagrams that explain how fertilizer works and how to create them.
  14. Make sugar balls ornaments
    • Make a delicate sugar globe by growing crystals in a high concentration sugar solution.
  15. Make a teacup diorama
    • Make a small delicate biome in a glass teacup. Create a story about your biome.
  16. Make a plaster and seed LEGO wall
    • Make LEGO molds filled with planting matrix made of moss, fertilizer, sand and seeds. Build an herb wall by stacking LEGO “bricks”.
  17. Make a planet with tectonic plates
    • Make a globe from an inflatable ball out of paper mache. Create continents and islands.
  18. Make a soil design cycle
    • Make a paper plate design cycle that gives data about soil health.

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