Pride Goes Before The Fall

$250 a roll bronze chain that has been pressed into new service.

“Pride Goes Before The Fall” — this biblical quote has haunted me my whole life. This year I decided to roll with it and stay adaptable. So the alternate title of this post is, use what you have and be grateful you have it, but SEO says that is too long a title.

The photo above is a spool of high-end expensive bronze chain I bought out of shame five years ago. You see, Rick wanted to hang pictures from the picture rail I built for him all around the common rooms of our 160 year old house. I destroyed his oven.

There’s a story there for sure. Anyway, I bought the chain and it sat unused in the greenhouse. This morning I needed chain in the chicken coop and all I had was this bronze chain. So I swallowed my pride and hung that poultry waterer with the best chain money can buy.

Chain is Chain

The museum quality picture hanging bars we used instead of chain.

Don’t feel bad. WE found an amazing deal five years ago at a store closing, (the amazing Katherine’s in German Village). We bought all of her museum quality picture hanging rods. The chain arrived a few days after, so I put it in storage.

I was busy mucking out the chicken coop today and I wanted to hang a waterer inside the coop. The heat lamp and my data, motion, and temperature sensors were telling me water does not freeze so it seemed like a good plan. Except I didn’t have any chain.

“But Jim,” you might ask, “why not just use rope or a bungee cord?” Because chickens and ducks are buttheads and chain is the only stable option that won’t flex. Trust me, I know from experience chain is best.

No Time To Go For a Drive

So rather than drop everything, lock the farm back up, drive to the suburbs (I live in downtown Columbus) and buy chain, I swallowed my pride and used the good stuff. It works really well. Chain is chain after all.

Morning Mischief Managed

Now I have to dust myself off, straighten my bow tie and get ready to go to work. I have an appointment to discuss Applied STEM and give a tour of the state of the art PAST Innovation Lab. Stay frosty kids, and always ready to pivot!

PS if anyone wants to help me install the double oven I bought five years ago that is still sitting out in the garage in its original box, hit me up. LOL!

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