Practical Carbon Sequestration

The Allee wall looking into Mezzacello from the east.

The gardens at Mezzacello are winding down from a bountiful summer and autumn has been working it’s magic. Now it is time for the practical carbon sequestration to begin. This means the accurate and responsible collection of leaves and biomass.

Carbon is Carbon

Nature may seem cruel, but she is actually intensely fair. It’s people that try to break all the wrong rules. CO and CO2 levels in our atmosphere are driving climate change around the world — and here in Ohio.

One of the most efficient ways to recapture that CO2 in our atmosphere is through planting trees and making compost. Both of these happen in spades at Mezzacello. There are currently 51 trees in residence here and 24 beds composed almost entirely of compost.

As part of my #Future50 work we have been exploring the impact of improving the green tree canopy in Columbus to help mitigate the effects of climate reality. In fact the EPA strongly promotes using vegetation to offset CO and CO@ levels wherever possible. I have also been actively volunteering with Green Columbus to donate 4000 trees to residents around the city.

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