Ponds as Spigots and Nutrient Additive Systems

Ponds as Spigots and Nutrient Additive Systems
The happy irises watered with algal water supplement along the fence to North Korea. Shout out to Oakland Nursery!

Today I am clearing the parterre garden bed  behind the aquatic ecosystem at Mezzacello a.k.a. the pond. I noticed that the water in the biofilters was looking pretty green. I also noticed that the irises Rick just planted along the fence to North Korea I looking pretty thirsty.

That’s when I remembered I had installed the spigot at the bottom of one of the biofilters. The addition of the spigot wasto make it easy to clean the bio filter out. But I realized in that moment that if I re-frame the bio filter as a wine cask (that’s full of really yucky wine) it is actually a tap for nutrient rich water.

Get To Work

I grabbed a watering can and turn the valve to let the water flow. Super rich Greene Al Joel water comes pouring out. I filled up the water canned five times and watered the irises. When I went back to the bio filter to feel like the fifth time, the Spicket popped out and the water flowed freely.

No big deal! Just grab a 5 gallon bucket!  Sometimes you realize that systems can be reused in unique ways because of necessity. That’s one of my favorite things about Mezzacello. It’s constantly teaching me to be creative and nimble and re-frame how are use my systems and how everything relates to everything else.

Now unless you read this blog I get to pretend like I’m a brilliant systems engineer and I designed it to be used that way. No one’s gonna know any better except for you dear Reader. Please steal my idea. Good ideas are hard to come by.

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