Pond Update for 2022 Part 1

Spring is here again which means we have to bring the pond back online. This is a pond update for 2022 part 1. This is part 1 because this is just where we clean and swap out of water.

In 2022 we will add a series of ndew and better integrated biofilters. These new filters come with high and low density sponges for better entrapment of algae and a UV algaecide system built in. There will also be a large solids centrifuge for isolating as much algae from the water stream making algae processing and harvesting so much easier.

New Filters and Wetlands

Finally, the entire system will be further filtered through a new wetlands bioremediation pond that will help keep the pathogens and algae at bay naturally. The water passing through this wetaland and back into the main pond will be much cleaner. This will in turn attract even more life to the urban farm.

A new aeration system will be installed to provide maximum oxygenation to the water at all times. In addition to the air stones, this will be plenty of molecular O2 in the water, this gurgling fountain will really oxygenate the water. And all of it will run off wind, water turbine and solar power.

It’s going to be a big year for the pond. Stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy this video of the old system handling the water flow.

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