Our Goal At Mezzacello Urban Farm

Sustainability, Applied STEM, Artistry, and Workforce Development

Welcome to our goal at Mezzacello Urban Farm. If you are not familiar with Mezzacello this is a good place to start. In the gallery above and the images below you can learn a lot more about us.

We focus on creating fun, technology and culturally-rich sustainable food oases in urban environments. Mezzacello, located in downtown Columbus, Ohio is the flagship site of our potential mission. We believe that with the right care, attention, and community input there should be more.

Be A Part Of Our Mission

Our Mission: Grow, Maintain, Sustain, Explain, and Entertain around sustainability.

Our Vision: Create frictionless opportunities for people to explore relationships between ecologies, farming, robotics, automation, and applied STEM in a densely populated urban environment.

Mezzacello is a Non-Profit!

Mezzacello Urban Farm is a ag career and applied STEM learning lab dedicated to building a sustainable future for all of us. As a non-profit 501(c)3 we are depending on you to help us realize that mission. We’ve made a good start, but now we need to amplify that mission.

All donations are Tax Exempt and we promise to be good stewards of your trust.

We need you – all of you – to understand exactly what Mezzacello wants to do with our community. It is going to be an exciting journey! But it needs to start with us – all of us – supporting each other.

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