Ohio Farm Bureau 2021 Annual Report

Ohio Farm Bureau 2021 Annual Report
Mezzacello Urban Farm in the 2021 Ohio Farm Bureau Annual Report

I was surprised and delighted that Mezzacello Urban Farm was a highlight of the Ohio Farm Bureau 2021 Annual Report. I really loved working with them last year. And working with the kids, parents, schools, communities, and businesses was a privilege and learning opportunity for me.

The OFB ExploreAg Program Rocks!

ExploreAg at OFB

I want to highlight the OFB ExploreAg program. I have been involved with this program for a few years and I have met some amazing young people in this program!

They continue to serve as inspirations and mentors to me on social media and at OFB events. These bright young ag-minded people inspire me to look at issues and problems in unique and innovative ways.

If you can at all, get involved with or support this program. It is such an important and ongoing program and is very dear to my heart – and mission – at Mezzacello.

Local Collaboration and Support

A huge shout out to The PAST Foundation for serving as my fiscal sponsor while I am waiting for my 501c3 status to clear. Also a shoutout to Bronzeville Agricademy, and Highland youth Garden. They kept me grounded and extended my mission greatly, even during pandemic.

It makes me proud to see what I did in print. It transformed Mezzacello completely. And through that transformation, I am committed to continuing to leverage that grant opportunity to create meaningful change in my community, and around the world as well.

Global Reach

Last year I shared the research and programming I was doing at Mezzacello with global audiences through the UN Food Challenge and through the Invent Future Global Innovation Field Trip; 200 kids from 16 countries all around the world. That was thrilling.

Growth, Health, and Change

But mostly it was thrilling that I get to leverage my unique health crisis, my passion for Applied STEM and my home to make meaningful and replicable change.

Change in my neighbor, my city, my region, nation and ultimately the world. I am a very lucky person and I am ready for even more transformation!

This year, I am continuing to innovate, run summer camps and as a member of the Columbus CEO Magazine’s #Future50 2022 cohort, I expect even more innovation and change!

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