Multi-Modal Transportation and Energy

On Thursday I was able to attend the presentation at The Bexley Public Library called “Thoughful Transportation“. It was well-presented by Craig Ness and Erik Bjørnard, bicycle and eBike enthusiasts and dads to two ofmybioEngineering summer camp kids (small world). Anyway, the presentation got me thinking about Multi-Modal Transportation and Energy.

They Left Out Energy

I realized quickly that my legs were not up to the task, and I didn’t actually know how to use the gear ratio on the bike!

Jim Bruner

This was a very clever bit of the presentation that I really enjoyed. It opened my eyes up to a wide variety of considerations for becoming a one car household. But they did not address energy – either kinesthetic, athletic, or electrical.

At Mezzacello, we are always considering the role energy plays in our lives, our ecosystems, and our community. I have a bike, it’s an eBike and I charge it up from the energy produced by the bioreactor. (see the photo below) But that is really only part of the issue.

Multi-modal transportation and energy

It takes time and effort to adapt to the reality of riding a bike places, even an eBike. Last night I chose to ride my bike to join my friend Dee at a bar. It seemed like a great plan at the time:

Free transportation, enjoying the city with my friend and a built-in safety that I would not have too much to drink. But my battery died on my eBike on the way there. I realized quickly that my legs were not up to the task, and I didn’t actually know how to use the gear ratio on the bike!

All Good Systems Require Planning and Action

To be absolutely clear, Craig and Erik were upfront about this situation in their presentation. But it’s one thing to KNOW it and another to EXPERIENCE it. Dee was of course gracious, but I felt like a fool.

I didn’t have a backup plan. Actually, I did: I was going to have Rick come pick me up in the Ford F-150. I am bougie.

Dee convinced me I could do this – and they were kind and helpful, supportive and right. What I am leaving out here is that I have terrible anxiety around getting lost and I am really night-blind. I can’t read street signs in the dark and I can’t see my iPhone without glasses, but can see the street with my glasses on.

This was an unexpected complication. So I think I will be adding a pair of heads up glasses to my repetoire so I can see the map on my phone and not have to fuss with the readers I wear to see the phone but that blur the road ahead of me. Yes, I am a mess.

I am also a problem solver, and Craig, Erik, and Dee have inspired me. I’ll figure this out and get back to you all. In the meantime, here is my stat deck I created in regards to energy and multi-modal transportation.

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