Mezzacello Zoo Brew Adventures 2023

Well, now what do I do? Earlier this year I was gifted 25 cubic yards of Columbus Zoo and Aquariums manure called Zoo Brew. This is the story of Mezzacello Zoo Brew Adventures 2023.

Why So Much?

The truth is, 25 Cubic Yards is what Price Organic Farms proposed to me originally. I knew instinctively that that amount was FAR too much. But I knew I could spread 10 Cubic Yards around quite easily.

So I turned to the data. I have 45 growing beds and permaculture installations at Mezzacello. Once I started mapping out area and volume, that amount of manure disappeared quite quickly. It also meant that I had to move that mountain myself.

A Diagrammatic Map of Mezzacello Urban Farm with every system in place.
These Areas are the growing and garden beds at Mezzacello Urban Farm.

Once I started looking at Mezzacello to scale in CAD, I knew I was right. I was going to need at least 10 Cubic yards of manure and compost for all of the growing systems I have at this modest farm. This includes all of the farm febs and raised beds, hedges, and permaculture formal garden, parterre, and allee beds as well.

Yes, it’s a big pile of refined poop. Yes, it smells like elephants, zebras, and giraffes. As soon as this pissy gray late fall drizzle weather passes, I’ll begin moving this mountain.

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