Mezzacello in Winter – Animals, Power, and Water

Brrrrrr! It is very cold today. so I took the opportunity to highlight Mezzacello in Winter – Animals, Power, and Water.

I am very pleased to report that things are humming along nicely. I am wasting energy with the AC inverters (making everything DC is going to take another season) But the solar arrays and Wind Turbines – and the battery banks – are doing their Job!

Water in Winter

It is such an exciting proposition to have access to water all year long. It uses a lot of power to keep the passive AC heating elements going when the sensors detect a freezing temperature, but they are working. I wasted so much time hauling water out to the coops to keep water liquid.

It is a luxury to be sure. But I do not yet know how long the battery arrays will hold up. Stay tuned as we are in for a few weeks of sub zero days here in Ohio.

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