Mezzacello in the Holiday and Wine!

Winter for the tropical plants and a wine “Christmas” tree.

Winter is the indoor season. It’s also the intense holiday hosting season. It’s been 18 months since we have hosted anyone at Mezzacello — other than outside. So we are out of the habit of hosting guests indoors, especially with COVID variants on the rise.

For the most part 80% of our energy goes into the garden ecosystems at Mezzacello. Neither Rick nor I are “comfort bunnies”. We like to have running water, heat when we need it, and occasionally air conditioning, oh and a soft bed to sleep in. But the rest is not in its season yet.

Wine Saves The Day

Our Son and daughter-in-law sent us a lovely Christmas gift. A Wine Advent Calendar. I have never heard of such a thing. But now, I can’t imagine a holiday without it. It has transformed Mezzacello.

I am allergic to pine sap. Rick hates artificial Christmas trees. So this was the perfect “Christmas” gift. I prefer Holiday treat. We look forward to it. It gives us a happy moment to be in the moment and it makes us feel grateful for the 168 year old house still being so accommodating. This Grinch sees why Christmas tree decorations help some people. If let’s you see joy in unexpected moments. Happy Holiday!

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