Mezzacello Energy Farm and Bioreactor Project

Mezzacello Energy Farm and BioReactor Project

Now that the bioreactor is online and functional, it is time for me to turn my attention to the Mezzacello Energy Farm and Bioreactor Project. The energy farm is the next stage of evolution for Mezzacello. This next phase will include the farm itself becoming self-sustainable in terms of it’s power draw, and a 3D printed dome to pressurize and heat. There might also be a methane compressor, but that might have to way.

Sun, Wind, and Methane

The three primary sources of power on the Urban Farm will be solar, wind generation and on an exploratory basis, methane sequestration. Methane is easy to collect on a farm! It’s the pressurizing that is a problem! We’ll have to evolve the facility a bit but for now, we have a good start. By the end of Phase II I will be generating 1200 Watts of power from two distinct solar arrays, and 1200 Watts from two vertical wind turbines. These will be sufficient to power Mezzacello through the winter.

The next step will be building more prototype bioreactor pods to switch out. I’ve posted here before about how accommodating my neighbors are at providing me biomass. I think I have enough. Now I just need to get all these systems humming along! I’ll keep you posted!

The three main projects for this part of the evolution of Mezzacello will be:

  1. Electrical systems and storage
  2. 3D Printing and modification
  3. Building an enclosed dome to pressurize

Wish me luck! I will be sure to keep this post updated!

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