Sustainable Food Security at Mezzacello Across Ohio

Map of Ohio showing Counties I have visited, spoken at or brought programming from Mezzacello.

If you are following this blog, you know I am committed to sustainability. I am also committed to being unafraid of failure; I persist.

I have known since day one I knew nothing about this topic, but I have a passion and a real-world need to master it. During the spring of 2021, when I was busy rebuilding and prepping Mezzacello for the #UrbanAgTech summer camps. I was looking forward to a huge period of growth for the summer.

While I was working, I had a chat with my neighbor over the fence – like neighbors do. I was asked if I’d ever thought about how many people and places I have impacted with my passion for Urban Farming. This had never been considered, never been an issue.

I do have data. When I looked at the data I had a “Aha!” moment; I am going to need a bigger map; The US, the Northern Hemisphere, The world. Stay tuned for more!

Sharing The Journey

Over the past six years my impact has derived from work done at the PAST Foundation, part from work with Invention Convention, and with being a member of various ag and farming groups over the past six years. I am always interested teaching and learning about food security and sustainability.

I built Mezzacello by teaching and learning from people, communities, schools, and students about my passion for urban farming and food security and sustainability. From those first days of Mezzacello to running a series of summer camps this summer; so much has evolved.

I have a lot more to share and the passion to share it. That is another blog post altogether.

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