Mezzacello 2.0 Foundations

This was the moment when the obliteration of what was Mezzacello stopped and the renovation of the Mezzacello 2.0 foundations began. Three slabs that would form the nexus of the new camp structures at Mezzacello. In hindsight, I wish I had added one more for the greenhouse.

The foundations were being poured for the addition of three new sheds that would provide much needed storage, infrastructure, and security to Mezzacello. Prior to this, everything I had at this urban farm was piecemeal. Added as needed and built as best as I could guess I needed.

The Mezzacello 2.o foundations represent a multi-year process of research and interviews I started in 2016. I traveled around and spoke to chicken and poultry experts, farmers, scientists and Amish families. I took photos and created countless CAD diagrams.

It all came down to these three pads of concrete. My line in the sand, Large enough to function, small enough to fit, and low enough to allow sunlight in.

The power systems would be delayed by 1/2 a year due to COVID, but the sheds are solid and well-built. Amish built (it’s own set of difficulties in downtown Columbus) and sturdy. Now I need a new greenhouse, le sigh.

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