Martian Zero-Dirt Soil Update 2022

This is a quick Mid-August Martian zero-dirt soil update 2022. If you are unfamiliar with the Martian zero-dirt soil project or the Bioreactor here are links. This post is largely images for a visual update.

A shot of the bioreactor with a full load of compost at 30 days.
Two years on the texture of the soil after harvesting potatoes – note the volunteer potato starts!
Amending the Compost soil with diatomaceous earth and sand.
Garden beds reset for autumn.
The soil supports copious vertical growth.
Squash seems relatively stable as well.
Cucumbers and zucchini, not so much. Squash beetles!
The next batch of compost is almost ready for insertion into the bioreactor.

Onward and Upward and Shout Outs

Again, a huge shout out to PAST Foundation, The Columbus, Foundation, Scotts Miracle Grow, Franklin Park Conservatory, and Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation for their support and encouragement. I am really intrigued by the success of this system. A few more tweaks and I can get NASA or SpaceX on board.

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