Making Decisions – Good and Bad Choices

Making Decisions – Good and Bad Choices. This is my cooking expertise. i am an adventurer by nature — and this is my greatest failure as a cook.

I lack imagination and sophistication when it comes to preparing food. I think like a chemist (and some would say a sadist). I imagine that flavors and textures will go together and I try to WILL them to be good. As you might imagine this is not enough.

Do What Comes Natural

Consequently this is the origin of the “North and South Korea” doctrine at Mezzacello. I grow and pay for foos, Rick prepares food. We do what comes natural to us and what we are actually good at.

If you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Yogi Berra

There are a few meals I CAN cook, but they are very specific and I do not have to guess at flavor profiles. I have posted a few here before. And generally speaking if I tell Rick that I will make that, he’s fine. Any other time it’s Rick saying, “If Jim hands you a fork, run!”

Therefore I should strive to never cook. Never destroy the oven – twice, burn the toasts, bake carbonized cookies, or moist-free chicken. It’s just not my skillset.

This is how dreams die.

So I will go back to planning and making things happen at Mezzacello during the summer. I will eat microwaveable meals, and cook rice in the rice cooker. But I won’t be making “meals” any more – apparently it is considered cruel and unusual punishment.

If Jim hands you a fork, run.

Richard Riley

Just out of curiosity, what does the rest of the world do? I am assuming there is a lot of processed food and fast food options at play? What is YOUR favorite dish?

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