Lesson: Public Speaking 101

Lesson: Public Speaking 101

In this lesson: public speaking 101 we discuss why it’s hard to do and what we can do to make it easier. It all comes down to understanding three things. Mastering fear, being proud of what you have done, and believing in yourself and your friends.

Be The Wolf, and Telling The Actual Story

In the story of the three pigs is the answer to this problem. Everything we know about this story points to how we can be better public speakers. It starts with the ACTUAL story.

The Pathway to a Great Presentation

A Note About the Wolf

The wolf is subtle and many-faceted. Consider this:

  • The wolf can be the problem we are solving
  • The wolf can be your fear of failure or anxiety
  • The wolf can be the audience that doesn’t trust you
  • The wolf can be anything; you have to be a better wolf, that is all.

A Note About a Report

There is a difference between a story and a report.

A story is casual and can meander.

A report has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It has a structure that starts strong and ends strong.

A Note About Empathy

Not everyone is a natural public speaker. When you are a part of a team, you need to work together and show up. Don’t introduce someone else; that’s their job.
If you just can’t or you think someone else can’t do their part, allow them the dignified out, and let them pick up the slack somewhere else.

You can also DEMAND that they do their work on the backend.

A Note About Anxiety

For some, anxiety is very, very real. We all have it. The key is naming that fear and then reframing what it is really about.

I have had great success remembering data and facts when I watch myself saying them in unexpected ways. Like a microwave door or in a pond reflection or in a dark window. Your brain will remember better.

Image Courtesy LucasFilm/Disney

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