Lesson: Pressure and Water

Water Under Pressure

In this lesson: pressure and water we explore the relationship water, pressure, and sanitation. We know pressure has a big role in temperature, electricity, and fear, it plays a role in water too. The more pressure we apply the better in terms of water.

Water is Heavy

Dihydrogen Monoxide weighs 1kg per liter (7lbs per gallon). That mass comes in handy when you add pressure to the equation. The tight constriction makes the weight of the water focus even tighter.

We can use this constriction to a great many things. We can clear mud and waste products from any surface. It destroys the cell walls of bacteria.

Water is a Universal Solvent

Water is also magnetic. It has a magnetic charge that allows it to stick together and to pull things apart. That is why water is referred to as the Universal Solvent.

When we add KINETIC energy to water we increase its ability to dissolve things. Think of running really fast into someone. You know instinctively that that is going to hurt.

This is what happens we when we pressurize water. Firefighters count on this when they spray water from a firehose. Yes, the water will douse fire, but high pressure water pulls air away from the fire as well.

Enough Water Will Crush You

A Mini Design Challenge

Just for fun let’s imagine the pressure that the fish in the pond are under when they swim in the deep end of the pond. If I give you a simple equation, could you figure out how much water pressure those fish are swimming in? Is it safe for them?

((W x L x D)7.5 x 7) D = Pressure per square inch

The pond at it’s greatest depth is 6′ deep. It will be 4′ wide and 5.5′ long. Once you have the answer, you must convert that number into Metric equivalents. 1 ft = .304m and 7lbs = 3.18kg.

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