Lesson: Animal Health And Safety

Lesson: Animal Health And Safety
Animal and Humans

In this lesson: Animal health and safety we discuss the basic requirements and principles of vet tech and sanitation. Animals and humans have very specific requirements to maintain health and viability. We will discuss the rules and tips and tricks to staying and keeping health and viability.

Students need a basic introduction to pathogens and toxicological realities of working with animals. In this lesson we introduce the realities of animal heath, living condition, wastes, and pathologies. Specific care and management strategies are taught and observed by students to protect BOTH animals and humans.

This lesson is optimized for Mezzacello, as it is an urban farm, but it can work in any environment where humans and animals interact, including at home.


  • Cages
  • Animals
  • Sanitation Equipment
  • Water Access
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Detailed instruction sets
  • Lab coats


  1. Introduce students to the habitation centers for the animals
  2. Highlight features for sanitation, safety, and comfort
  3. Allow students to experience first hand what the realities of animal keeping are
  4. Share with students the five most dangerous pathologies associated with animal/human interaction
  5. Ask students to brainstorm ways to avoid coming in contact with those pathogens
  6. Share their ideas and allow them to come up with creative alternatives
  7. Share the truth and the law
  8. Ask the students to find creative, responsible and safe ways to keep their ideas and their friends and animals safe
  9. Put together a teen-human’s guide to keeping animals
  10. Ask students to take a series of photos demonstrating safe and responsible animal handling practices
  11. Ask students to take a photo in a lab coat looking like what they think a vet would look like

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