Jurassic Farm – Life FINDS a Way

Jeff Goldblum’s character of Ian Malcom in “Jurassic Park” was right; Life finds a way. The sentiment was right in that case and this; the answer is chaos. I call it Jurassic Farm – Life FINDS a Way.

Chaos Theory

What Ian Malcom was referring to with his observation of chaos and animals. In this case it is my poultry in the chicken run and livestock shed, and the raccoons that want access to those poultry. You can clearly see in the gallery above that the raccoons have moved the entire chicken run cover 8cm off the side of the shed at the top.

This is not supposed to happen. I was most surprised to see it. I looked at the video footage and I could SEE the animals forcing their bodies through the top.

Designed For Durability

My original plan for this structure was to protect the animals from weather, rain, snow, wind, sun, birds of prey, and from raccoons and dogs. I designed it to stay in place with friction. I would never have dreamed that “friction” would come from wily animals. I designed it to resist wind but not wily.

So now I see that I need to mechanically fasten the awning to the edges of the shed. Both structures are 3.05 m (10ft) wide. So this should be easy.

Raccoons going crazy on video.

Living on an urban farm is an exercise in adaptability. It is also an exercise in patience. Now I just need more practice in both chaos theory and serious contingency planning.

My rooster was quite shaken by the ordeal.

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