Here at Mezzacello one of the greatest gifts besides the food, the joy, the work, and the peace, is getting to watch life survive and thrive for its own merit. We forget in a mass produced world that life is in fact a miracle. I do not discount miracles. It’s a big word and a strong word and loaded with culture subtext, but sometimes life is about little miracles.

[/media-credit] Six beans I found on the ground around the potash brazier. Survivors! I am going to plant them for sure!

Case in point when I was burning down weeds and dying plants at the end of #ProjectMartian. I had some extra green bean vines (ironically named “Kentucky Wonder”), so I threw those in the Brazier as well. Beans being what they are – vines – dropped six of their beans outside of the Brazier. They did not want to perish, nor did they want to become potash for the rest of the plants here at Mezzacello. They wanted to be green beans. So these are my magic beans. It may seem silly or frivolous, but I’m going to plant them in the spring. Who knows? Maybe there will be a great big beanstalk that grows up into the clouds and I will find a goose that lays golden eggs?

Probably not, because science rules here and there’s not enough biomass to grow something that large, I don’t have a permit to grow something that tall, I could never get enough power for the lighting system it would require, I am afraid of heights, I know my farm is an airport flight path and I KNOW what is in the clouds and in lower Earth orbit. But a boy can dream! And that is one of the other miracles of life; we dream. Dream on people it’s good for the soul.

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