Installing a New Solar Array in Photos

Recycle these boxes that the solar panels came in.
Solar array setup wattage and structure.
Attaching the mounting braces To the solar panels.
Testing the voltage of the solar panels in sunlight .
A view of the solar array with metal braces, my adapted wood braces, to replace missing braces, and the magnetic screw box.
All the tools I used to build and mount this solar array.
My bolt and screw collection bought at Habitat for Humanity’s Restore for $8
A View of the solar arrays from atop the trash bin behind Mezzacello.
The new solar array and the solar heater set for the coming winter.

This was a fun project. I managed to build and install this entire array on my own. I will share more details tomorrow.

The Batteries and Solar Panel Wind Turbine Tie Ins

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